Trend of letter cookie cakes

Today I write to you about this famous world wide trend, the letter cookie cakes, because it is a very original, versatile and beautiful way to make a cake for a special occasion.

About the recipe

There are variations in the recipes but basically it is made with sandwich-type biscuits, stuffed and covered with cream and decorated usually with fresh fruits, chocolates, macarons, meringues, natural flowers, mini marshmallows and more.

You can also include personalized details such as photos, shots of liquor and everything will depend on the choice of each client, you can check to see some pictures.

How was this idea known?

They are known as cake of numbers and letters, monogram cookie cakes and letters cookie cakes, it is a dessert popularized by Adi Klinghofer, a young Israeli chef who managed through her account on instagram to show the world these beautiful cakes.

And what exactly makes them so attractive? is the assembly and all the elements that are used to decorate them, that make them so beautiful.

Now, you just need to put a hashtag on Instagram to see millions of photos of these unique pieces and also why not, be inspired to create new ideas.

Un Dulcito Bakery Llc

We can do numbers, letters and any type of form, that versatility is what we particularly love, because it allows us to offer new options and proposals for those special moments.

So if you have an idea to surprise or stand out in a celebration we can do it reality, because we make your sweet moments really unique and special, from now on the cake will not go unnoticed, we guarantee it!!

Only for women?

Another detail to highlight is that they are unisex, that is, the decoration is the one that determines whether it is for women, men or even children’s themes, there are no limits, is not it wonderful??

Yes, of course it is wonderful. So if you are in central Florida (in Orlando city or its surroundings areas) you can enjoy a delicious cake of numbers and letters made with high quality ingredients and designed exclusively for each client.

Your orders must be made 4 or 5 days in advance through the email, we will respond with great pleasure, additionally we also offer the delivery service.


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